Enjoying personal tranformation

Personal Coaching

Your Situation

On paper, everything has  worked out perfect. You have your education and degrees, a good job, even a successful career. And yet you miss something. And maybe you ask yourself if you could live your life in a completely different way and how you could achieve that. I know from experience, that radical change is possible.

In a free initial coaching session, we get to know each other and analyze where you are right now.

My coaching approach

I only work with people who want to actively change their professional life or lifestyle. If you have decided to change something for yourself, I will support you with:

  • Clarity about what exactly is missing and why you haven't already left your current situation
  • Guiding questions and exercises to help you design alternative work or life models
  • Concrete tasks and steps to move from your current life situation to your new vision
  • Examples from my own work experience in high performing scale-ups and corporate teams
  • My personal experience that change is possible. I won't let you think too small 🙂

Details for the meeting

  • We will arrange a free 30-minute Zoom session. 
  • After a short introduction, we look at your current situation and identify themes you would like to work on.
  • At the end of the session we decide together if we want to start the actual coaching (e.g. with weekly sessions or on a specific topic).
  • The price for subsequent 90-minute sessions is 120€ (incl. VAT), occasionally I go directly into a 90-minute session in the first free session.