Georg Bulmer

I am Personal Coach and a communication trainer. I work towards a post-growth economy and the spiritual growth of humanity.

For me global change starts with individual learning and personal growth. If we develop ourselves and set an inspiring example, the world around us will change as well.

Secondly I believe that individuals and teams with a clear vision can bring about massive positive change in a very short time. In my work, I accelerate this change by supporting high performance teams that share my vision of a greener and more harmonious planet. Specifically, I teach empathic communication and facilitate agile processes in scale-ups.

The last few years I have spent in rapidly scaling startups. There I have seen how individuals with a clear vision and high performing teams can create massive positive change in a very short time. And I've also seen how quickly poor processes, lack of vision or communication can lead to frustration and burnout.

Exploring new paths

Personally, I have reached this point several times. And because I like change and learning, I have tried very different strategies to deal with it:

1) After my bachelor's degree and dropping out of a MBA programme, I had a couple of years where I fell asleep and woke up with a stomach ache, even though on paper I had a super exciting life in Berlin.
In 2013, I spontaneously quit my job, took out a student loan and moved to Amsterdam within two weeks. There I took part in a one-year personal development programme. This was the beginning of my inner journey and the integration of topics like trust, passion, self-love, emotions, body awareness, energy work and search for meaning.

2) When I first signed up for a small business (with no clear plan, no product and no confidence), I gave up after a few days. Instead, I crossed an item off my bucket list and worked as a chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant for a year.

In the two years before that, I had worked for free in professional kitchens to learn how to cook, and was finally good enough to get a job offer.

3) In a job as Vice President Product Architecture in a large company, I tried to get different stakeholders with very different goals and agendas to sit down and work together to bring a product to market. This endeavour ended in a major burnout after a year.

To refocus, I drastically reduced my expenses, bought a van and started traveling and am still experimenting with a minimalist, digital Knowmad lifestyle.

Insights for my work

I have personally explored different paths for personal and professional transformation and trained as a Coach, Mediator, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Nonviolent Communication Trainer.

And in addition to my professional experience in various roles in the start-up, agency and corporate world and the practical skills I learned there, I incorporate some of my personal insights into my work:

Global change starts with individual learning and personal growth. Only if we develop ourselves and set an inspiring example will the world around us change. Individuals and high performing teams with good processes can change an industry.

Change happens with positive vision, not by focusing on what doesn't work. I only work with teams or individuals who have a clear idea of what positive change they want to bring into the world.

Empathy and communication are key to a team's effectiveness and to building a lasting connection with a client. Teams can address issues openly and without fear of judgement, hence becoming more effective and reducing the risk of burnout and expensive team churn.

For me, change and disruption is a positive thing. Learning organizations and individuals have a much higher impact than organizations that stick to the traditional methods (or even to the way a problem was created in the first place).

Certifications and trainings

  • OKR Coach - HelloAgile | 04.2022
  • Trained Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and Materials - HelloAgile | 04.2022
  • Accredited Agile Coach - IFAAI | 03.2021 - 08.2021
  • Professional Scrum Master 1 - | 12.2020
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 - | 12.2020

Institut für Mediative Kommunikation und Diversity-Kompetenz 
Stuttgart | 250 hours | 09.2019 - 05.2020

Yoram Mosenzon | Amsterdam | 85 hours | 11.2013 - 05.2014


    Knowmads International Business School | Amsterdam | 02.2013 - 02.2014

HPI School of Design Thinking | Berlin | 04.2011 - 07.2011

  • HPI School of Design Thinking | Berlin | 04.2011 - 07.2011

    Zeppelin Universität | Friedrichshafen | 09.2006 - 09.2009

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