Training: Communication in high performing teams

Your problem:

You are a manager, from HR or part of a high performance team in a scale-up or young company. Due to rapid growth, you may have some of the following issues:

  • Your corporate culture and shared values are increasingly lost due to the massive growth of the team. The teams and the management do not work together on the company's purpose, but rather in different directions.
  • The teams lose efficiency and motivation because processes are constantly changing. They start investing their time and energy in internal process problems and conflict resolution instead of taking care of the business purpose or the customer.
  • Your middle management consists of very young and inexperienced managers who are still finding their role instead of leading and coaching new team members.

Training purpose:

Your team and managers will receive a practical communication workshop based on "Non-violent Communication" by Marshall Rosenberg. The goal is to refocus on the shared vision and goals of your organisation rather than on process issues and interpersonal problems.

  • The individual departments of your team develop a deeper understanding of each other's tasks. By recognising mutual dependencies, the team cohesion is strengthened and problems are tackled more constructively.
  • The focus is on empathy and an understanding of the behaviour of a client or colleague. This understanding makes communication within the team or between the team and external stakeholders more efficient, harmonious and sustainable.
  • The training is very practical, we practice with real communication problems from your organisation.

Communication in SaaS Sales Team

Michael Jezela - VP Sales

We are a fast-growing start-up and held the workshop "Nonviolent Communication" with Georg. He led interactively through the workshop in several groups and did an outstanding job. The goal was to create more understanding and better communication between departments. The team was enthusiastic, there were some eye-opening moments for many and there was also a lasting improvement in communication within the teams. Highly recommended, we will certainly schedule it for our leadership team as well 😉

What you get:

A practical and interactive communication workshop that will have an immediate impact on your daily business.

  • Practical communication method (according to Marshall Rosenberg) paired with elements from agile frameworks such as Scrum, Design Thinking and OKR
  • Deep understanding of your daily challenges due to my several years of professional experience in the areas of SaaS Sales, Customer Success and Product Development
  • Workshop Design, adapted to your team size, structure and current challenges
  • Team trainings with up to ten participants from different departments
  • Day / half-day onsite training in your office or location in your city
  • Analysis and recommendations for action for the management team 

Let's talk about how I can support you and your team: